Kaner, Ιάσμος, 2011

Η φωτογραφία που εμφανίζεται στην παρούσα ανάρτηση ανήκει στο προσωπικό αρχείο του Tonik. Μας παραχωρήθηκε από τον ίδιο τον Ιανουαριο του 2012.

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  1. Over 200 exhibitors at SkillsUSA TECHSPO are placed alongside nationwide profession competitions and management sessions which might be} shaping and celebrating our nation’s profession ready students. Metal engaged on the basement degree, fretwork, sanding, and preassembly on the primary floor, and finishing, setup, and assembly on the second floor. ShopBot PRSalpha ATC with a small sheet of Delrin for banjo nuts, ready for precision cuts. Banjo hoops and domestically sourced lumber in precision machining varied phases of manufacturing. The store tour started in the kitchen and showroom, went on to the delivery and staging space, then onto a few of} different rooms for varied phases of constructing banjos. I had nice time|a good time} chatting with workers Jack, Matt and Claire about some similarities between Pisgah’s workshop and an acoustic guitar workshop I used to work at in Hillsborough, NC.